I'm a full-stack web developer with a degree in CS from the University of Colorado and I am just completing the 6 month software developer course at Nashville Software School. I have a broad background in many different fields and spent 6 years in the Navy as a Cryptologic Technician, interpreting Mandarin Chinese. I absolutely love to learn new things and to further the skills I currently possess. You can check out those skills on the skills page but they include JavaScript, React and C# .Net on the web dev side and Python and Machine Learning on the Data Science side. I'm confident if you need something done that I can do it, or learn to do it. That's what I love to do.


I have a solid foundation in all of these skills and have used them in training projects and personal application development. These are mostly just the technologies I use for front end. I am also currently learning to Create RESTful APIs with C#/.NET using WebAPI and Leveraging Razor to create and edit MVC applications.


YuxiFuxi Parses Youtube video captions to create custom flashcards for Mandarin language clips.
Cube Experiment in using Three.js

If you are a potential client or employer please feel free to contact me any time!